domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

The Dark Side of the Moon

The dark side of the moon is a common misconception. There is no such a thing!

Likewise, dark aspects remain unseen from our consciousness, from our hard work on self growth. And unseen does not mean nonexistent. The problem is that it is so hard to see.

And by dark I mean your really bad side. Reactions that never show... but every once in a while, something extraordinary comes and the unbelievable happens. The unspeakable. The unforgettable. The thing you hardly forget yourself about.

That darkness is what I'm talking about and is what we'll try to address with this spread.

1.- How is my dark side?
2.- What I need to learn about it?

We accept our dark side, because we are a whole being, part light and part darkness. But if it already sprang out, try this questions:

1.- Which is the origin of this?
2.- How to embrace it?

Pull just 1 card for every question. For the first couple of questions, I suggest a darker, heavier deck, such as the Mary-El or a Thoth. But for the second questions, use the Osho Zen or any lighter deck, a deck that might help you uplift your mood.